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Quick Facts

  • Founded in October, 2007
  • 120+ Active Web Properties
  • 200,000+ Organic Page Views Per Month
  • 800+ Original Articles
  • President & CEO: Ian Lopuch

About Us

Hello and welcome to IJL Productions LLC. We own over 120 active, developed websites that dazzle and enrich our users. Since our first website launched in October 2007, we have built some serious momentum.

Ian Lopuch

Allow me to introduce myself: I'm Ian Lopuch, President and CEO of IJL Productions LLC. By day, I'm a full time online marketing executive. In my spare time, I run IJL Productions. Here at IJL Productions, we build great websites that truly benefit others. We drive substantial organic traffic to our website portfolio and earn income via advertising and affiliate offers. What started as a fun experiment has evolved into a sizeable business. Today, IJL Productions experiences 200,000+ page views per month.

I thank you for visiting the home of IJL Productions and invite you to look around. Here, you will find all kinds of information about my business. When you're done, please don't hesitate to reach out, I'm always looking to network and form business partnerships.


Build content-rich websites in underdeveloped niches that truly help, dazzle, and enrich our users. Focus on topics we are truly passionate about and love. Drive all website traffic via non-paid sources including organic search engine results, social media, and direct navigation. Earn affiliate income to pay the bills and keep building our portfolio of web properties. Stay small and nimble.

Core Values

  • Persistence

    Great websites take years to fully mature. We have been staying the course since October, 2007. The organic web publishing business scales exponentially with a long-term approach.

  • Honesty

    We are truly here to help others. Honesty and integrity come before anything else.

  • Quality

    We sacrifice earnings in favor of quality, every single day. In the long run, only the highest quality websites will survive and thrive. We are perfectionists and care much more about the product than money.

  • Leverage

    As a single member LLC that is worked on during nights and weekends, time is extremely limited and valuable. We go after the biggest opportunities with as much focus as possible. We are not afraid to rapidly change course.

  • Sustainability

    Each website is built to stand on its own and last the test of time. Users will still be enjoying our quality web experiences 10 or even 20 years from now.

Team & Partners

Ian Lopuch

Ian Lopuch, President & CEO of IJL Productions LLC

Ian Lopuch is a top online marketing executive who has had direct P&L responsibility on over $150 million of search engine marketing spend during his 7 years in the industry. Currently, Lopuch is Director of Search Marketing at a large publicly traded company in the health insurance industry. Previously, Lopuch held online marketing leadership positions at, QuinStreet, and Nextag. Lopuch holds his BS in Computer Science from Stanford University. In his spare time, Lopuch is an avid domainer, web developer, blogger, and President & CEO of IJL Productions LLC. Residing with his wife on the San Francisco Peninsula, Lopuch is passionate about building incredible websites.

Want to learn more? Ian Lopuch writes about online marketing on his blog, PPC Ian. Also, his complete history and press mentions are featured on the about me page.

More About Me


Epik, LLC

IJL Productions LLC currently owns 60 websites developed on the Epik product portal framework. As a power user and personal friend of the entire Epik team, we want to sincerely thank Epik for providing the platform that powers half of our developed portfolio.

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IJL Productions wants to take this moment to sincerely thank all consultants who have helped over the years. You have made all the difference. I want to especially thank my beautiful wife, Nicole Lopuch, for her amazing contributions to IJL Productions LLC.

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IJL Productions LLC owns websites across most major verticals on the Internet. Our portfolio of 120+ active, developed web properties spans both product-oriented categories and services categories too. Following are some of our favorite verticals:

  • Financial Services

    • Commodities and Precious Metals
    • Mortgage Refinance
    • Debt Consolidation
    • Homeownership
    • Bankruptcy
    • Investing
  • Health and Beauty

    • Cosmetics and Makeup
    • Skincare
    • Medical
  • Home and Garden

    • Home Furnishings
    • Home Remodel
    • Appliances
    • Furniture
  • Fashion and Clothing

    • Women's Clothing
    • Men's Clothing
    • Swimwear
    • Weddings
  • Technology and Computers

  • Self Storage and Mini Storage

  • Online Marketing & Making Money Online

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Phone: (866) 420-4769

IJL Productions LLC
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